Exclusive Styles

Better performance through improved confidence

Since new hires usually feel overwhelmed and nervous about what to wear, Taelor brings convenience to employees and allows them to focus on work.

Fit to employees' needs - experiences

Nowadays people are inclined to own less and value the experiences of using a product/service more.

Contribution to ESG

Buying new clothes is wasteful, as People really wear only 20% of what they buy. Taelor make swag more creative and sustainable.

Introduction of Use-cases

A tailor fit solution

New-hire onboarding

The first 3 months of being in a company are critical to employee success.

Welcome back to office

77% of Americans gained or lost weight during the pandemic and need new clothes when they return to the office.

How It Works


Tell us your style

Take your quiz; meet your stylist; review your collection.


Your items arrive clean and ready when you wear. Enjoy them for weeks.

Swap or buy

Return worn clothes using the pre-paid bag. Or simply keep it and get up to 70% off! Then, pick your next box.



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