returning to office is happening

and your employees are worried...

  • 77% of American adults said they've gained or lost weight during the pandemic and need new clothes when they return to the office
  • 74% of employees said they feel stressed choosing what to wear to work every day
  • 36% of Gen Z employees reported being actively worried about being ridiculed or received negative comments for their work attire

Bring out the best of your team in every way

Welcome new members, back-to-office employees

Ease employees' stress and boost confidence by showing the company values them

Elevate professional image of salespeople

Equip your sales team with a professional, confident look to best represent your brand

Save time for business travelers

Clothes shipped to business trip destinations, saving hassles of packing and luggage space

Enrich employees' lifestyle beyond work

Employee perks that can be used outside of office boost contentment and engagement

Benefits of Taelor for Your Business

Curated for corporate style
Collections curated for your corporate style elevates your team’s representation.
Save your valuable time
HR leaders save time in managing employees engagement, we guarantee their enjoyment.
Incentivize with high-value service
Monthly rental items valued up to $2,000 with no additional cost for your employees.
Keep up with gifting trends
Personalized styling and clothing rental service make for a highly appreciated gift.
Team building
Entire team in Taelor collection fosters team spirit and a sense of belonging.
Support ESG and sustainability
Clothing rental supporting sustainability strengthens your team’s commitment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Taelor for Corporates work?

Taelor for Corporates Program allows corporate clients to use our subscription service as a recognition perk for their employees. This can include rewards for new hires, sales staff, return-to-office gifts, or more. Employees receive access to our monthly subscription and our stylists will select outfits based on their preferences and needs.

What types of outfits does Taelor offer for rental?

Taelor offers a diverse collection of men's outfits, including business attire, on-camera eye-catching, daily casual, or weekend and vacation outfits. We curate our inventory of 10,000 outfits from 350+ brands to cater to different workplace scenarios and business styles.

How does my company sign up, and what are the associated fees?

Taelor offers flexible subscription options for companies looking to provide employee perks. We have short-term subscription plans for new joiners and long-term plans for general employees. 

Getting started with Taelor is easy. Please reach out to us by completing the form above or schedule a call with our Partnership Ambassador, and we'll guide you through the setup process, including customization options and subscription plans tailored to your needs.

What happens if an employee's size or style preferences change?

Employees can update their size and style preferences at any time through their Taelor account. We understand that preferences may change, and our stylists are here to accommodate any changes.

Do you offer womens clothes?

While Taelor specializes in menswear, we're committed to inclusivity and have partnered with a similar service for employees who wear women's clothing, ensuring a polished and professional look for everyone on your team. Please contact us by completing the form above or schedule a call with our Partnership Ambassador.

Do you offer any sustainability initiatives or practices in your service?

Yes, Taelor is committed to sustainability. We prioritize eco-friendly packaging, sustainable brand choices, and responsible cleaning processes to minimize our environmental impact.