Monthly Subscription
to wear 8 tops per month
Stylist and AI pick
clothes for you

Based on your preference & purpose

Wear for weeks

Free shipping
No commitment to buy
Get up to 70% off retail price to keep

Swap. No more
shopping or laundry

Return with prepaid envelope
laundry fee included
Wait for next box

Access to Hundreds of Brands and styles for your busy social and work life

Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Polos, Button Up, Pants (Coming soon), and more

Dress your best without buying clothes



How often can I exchange the clothes?

You can exchange at any given time within the monthly circle. For example, if you purchase the “2 shipments per month,” you can receive up to 2 shipments per month. Your second shipment will be sent as soon as you return the first. If you want to purchase any items, simply keep them and pay on your account — you get a member-only up-to-70% discounted price. Love your first shipment too much and don’t want to swap? No problem; just remember that your shipment does not carry over to the next month.

When will you ship my clothes?

As a new member, after you complete the style quiz, our top-notch AI and stylist will generate a monthly personalized recommendation collection for you, and you can heart what you love. As soon as we get your response, we will ship your clothes. If we don’t get your response in 48 hours, we will pick what we think works best for you. Your next shipment will be sent as soon as you return the first one. Of course, we will review your feedback on the previous shipment to ensure your next one is perfect.

Do I need to wash the clothes?

No, no more shopping or laundry! You don’t need to wash the clothes. Items arrive clean and ready to wear. After you wear them, just send the dirty clothes back in the pre-paid return envelope, give us your feedback, and you are ready for your next shipment. The dry cleaning is on us!


for monthly rent

Membership plan starting from $88.00 /month