Taelor, AI-powered Menswear Rental Service, Partners with Fashion Community Week in San Francisco to Bring Style to Tech Professionals

March 13, 2024

San Francisco, CA — 

While New York Fashion Week spotlights runway models, Silicon Valley's focus traditionally lies on tech innovation. This year, Taelor, a top-rated menswear rental subscription service recognized by GQ, bridges the gap between fashion and technology, targeting tech enthusiasts with stylish solutions. 

"Previously, Silicon Valley's wardrobe was limited to company-branded tees, with a primary focus on tech advancements. Now, influenced by social media and the post-Valentine's Day return to work, there's a growing interest among tech professionals in dressing to impress for dates and meetings. We're thrilled to support Fashion Community Week in San Francisco, aligning tech with fashion," said Anya Cheng, co-founder and CEO of Taelor. 

Fashion week conference

Fashion Community Week, taking place from March 14th to 16th in the Bay Area, features a three-day agenda. It includes a conference themed "Future of Fashion," an opening party with pop-up shops, and a fashion show. Tickets are available at https://www.fcwsf.org 

Phoebe Tan, Taelor's co-founder and a speaker at the conference, is eager to discuss Taelor's role in promoting sustainability and innovation in fashion. "The future of fashion leans towards sustainability and innovation, and Taelor is at the forefront, assisting brands in entering the U.S. market, monetizing unsold stock, collecting consumer insights, and venturing into the resale sector," Tan explains.

photos credit to Fashion Community Week, photographer: Jim Pollock


Cheng, drawing on her rich background at Meta and eBay, highlights the dynamic interaction between AI and fashion technology at Taelor. "Our approach combines AI with human stylists to tailor our service to each customer. Our AI stands out due to its advanced use of General AI for processing complex data and images. Moreover, our rental model captures customer preferences that are unaffected by the item's purchase price — much like choosing a show on Netflix," she explains. Cheng further noted that Taelor’s AI benefits from a rapid feedback loop, enabling the collection of valuable customer insights swiftly, within weeks rather than months or potentially never. This quick turnaround not only positions us ahead of fleeting fashion trends but also bolsters our dedication to sustainability.

Taelor's service begins with a style quiz upon sign-up, guiding professional stylists and AI in selecting personalized outfits based on size, style, and event needs. Clothes are delivered clean and ready to wear. Customers can enjoy these items for weeks, with the option to return or purchase at significant discounts. Each return triggers a fresh shipment, ensuring a constantly updated wardrobe. The service also offers new, eco-friendly products for purchase, like Koup’s baselayer made from recycled materials. In celebration of fashion week, Taelor is offering a 25% discount with the code FASHIONWEEK24, redeemable at https://taelor.style/.


This partnership with Fashion Community Week underscores Taelor's vision of merging style with environmental consciousness, appealing to the eco-savvy, style-conscious man.

Brands in support of circular fashion who have partnered with Taelor are also participating in the event. They include: 

  • Acapella(Mexico): Crafted for dreamers, quick thinkers, creatives, and nature lovers, Acapella champions the philosophy that simplicity and minimalism are key. Their designs reflect a commitment to eco-consciousness and a less-is-more approach.
  • Mind Bridge (Korea): This brand serves the modern young professional with contemporary styles, offering a fresh and modern aesthetic.
  • Borgo 28 (Italy): Inspired by Italian tailoring traditions and high-quality materials, Borgo28 offers a unique collection for men. Their clothes are known for their clean lines and modern fit, appealing to men who lead an active lifestyle.
  • R2 Amsterdam (Netherlands): Known for high-quality, fun, and intricately designed pieces, R2 Amsterdam aims to make every day feel like a joyful Amsterdam summer.
  • Wise River (U.S.A.): An eco-friendly brand focused on outdoor wear, Wise River provides breathable clothing with innovative features for the environmentally conscious consumer.
  • SACA (Taiwan): This brand brings the high-tech world of racing into men’s accessories, utilizing carbon fiber materials from racing cars for a sleek, modern look.
  • Koup (Taiwan): Koup stands out for its commitment to sustainability, creating ultra-light, anti-odor hiking t-shirts from recycled materials like plastic bottles and cinnamon, perfect for the eco-aware adventurer.
  • International Report (Canada): This brand focuses on modern design and comfort, blending contemporary aesthetics with functional fashion for the modern individual.
  • Koup: A sustainable Taiwanese brand that makes eco-friendly, ultra light, and anti-odor hiking t-shirts from recycled plastic bottles and cinnamon.
  • 2124fit: An athleisure Taiwanese brand that uses high-quality materials and cutting-edge design techniques and is owned by the manufacturer of a top global athletic brand.
  • CHOIR: A contemporary Taiwanese brand that combines luxury and street styles, and uses unique design for maximum breathability. 
  • Sons + Fathers: A classic British-style brand that offers garments in small quantities. Founded by an Indian royal who was Apple’s art director. 
  • TRANZEND: A U.K brand that makes performance suits made out of coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles.
  • Landway: A U.S. brand known for its contribution in philanthropy, specifically in support of Ukrainian and Syrian refugees. They specialize in producing outdoor clothing for national parks, ski resorts, and the Super Bowl.
  • Shixi: A artisanal Taiwanese brand that is known as Kobe Bryant’s meditation wardrobe. Rooted in zen appreciation for nature, this brand offers light, breathable, and uniquely colored clothing using natural dye.
  • [REESEDELUCA]: A gender-neutral Canadian loungewear brand that offers streetwear-style extreme comfort daywear, made with all-natural botanical fabrics like cotton, Tencel, bamboo, and modal. 

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About Taelor

Taelor is a Silicon Valley-based menswear clothing rental subscription service. Our mission is to help people achieve their goals by bringing out the best of themselves while saving the environment. Our top-notch stylists, along with powerful algorithms, pick out the perfect clothes for you to make you stand out. When you're ready to swap, just return the clothes! We advocate for circular fashion and sustainability. https://taelor.style

Fashion Community Week

Fashion Community Week is a bi-annual award-winning not for profit organization focused on providing a powerful marketing and business platform for Fashion, Beauty and Technology industries to showcase their products and services. They are the global ‘intersection’ of fashion in San Francisco. https://www.fcwsf.org

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