Make his heart race with a gift inspired by race cars - SACA Men's Accessory

For the first time in our history, Taelor is offering members of its clothing rental subscription service the opportunity to buy gifts directly. We’re romantics at heart. So we are rolling out this limited-time service for members who want to give something special to their loved ones this holiday. Learn more below about the extraordinary accessories from SACA, available at a discount price offered only to Taelor members. Or if you’re looking for a gift for the woman in your life, check out the remarkable jewelry from Olivia Yao .

If you spend any time around little boys, the conversation will soon turn to cars. Boys like cars. A lot. And it’s something most of us never grow out of. Men like cars too. Our lifelong obsession with things that go fast is why Formula 1 racing is by some measurements now the fourth-biggest spectator sport in the world, trailing only soccer, cricket, and field hockey. (An estimated 1.5 billion people watched F1 racing on television or online in 2022.)

This holiday you could buy the guy in your life an actual racecar. But that’s going to set you back in excess of $12 million. So a better idea is to use Taelor’s new gift service to buy him a masculine, stylish accessory made from the same high-tech carbon fiber material used to build F1 racecar bodies. Because guys also like things that look cool and have a story behind them. We like things like that a lot.


The story of SACA

Back in 2018, a group of technologists from Taiwan teamed with a group of designers from Germany to create a new and modern take on classic accessories for men. The result was  SACA

The term "SACA," a fusion of "Sahib" and "Carbon," translates to "Gentleman's Carbon Fiber." 

And carbon fiber is what separates SACA from all other accessory makers. Carbon fiber is the "superman" of materials, boasting exceptional properties. It’s lighter than aluminum yet five times stronger than steel. Widely used in high-value, specialized products such as aircraft components, aerospace equipment, and Formula One racing cars, carbon fiber reflects unparalleled prestige.

image from SACA

Carbon fiber is generally a solid, but flexible, material (like in racecar bodies), and SACA’s technologist had long experience in creating such fiber. But finding a way to weave carbon fiber into shapes with the suppleness of accessories required the development of new and proprietary techniques.

Over time, the company learned to combine X-weaving technology and a special resin on these space-age fibers, creating a series of high-quality, tasteful masterpieces for men’s everyday carry. Lightweight, durable, and simply gorgeous, SACA accessories are the perfect gift for him.

And it’s not just the material that is different from other accessories. SACA approaches each item with an eye for how an accessory is used by guys now, not how their grandfather used them decades ago.

Consider SACA’s card carriers. Whether the  Predator X  model or the  Classic X  version, SACA recognizes that today’s man doesn’t carry a wad of cash and assorted paper in a fat wallet. SACA’s card carriers are thin, stylish, practical and cool. 

SACA’s Spin Belt also dispenses with the it’s-always-been-done-this-way ethos that makes so much of men’s wear uninteresting. The Spin Belt features two distinctly different surfaces – one side is leather, the other is the aforementioned carbon fiber – allowing a guy to switch seamlessly from elegant to more relaxed.

You’re unlikely to find any other gift for this holiday that so perfectly blends the things that guys like so much: Craftsmanship. Style. Practicality. And racecars. 

SACA men