Rent the Runway for Men? Taelor

Many of you have heard of Rent the Runway, FashionPass, and Nuuly, revolutionary platforms for women to rent dresses that steal the spotlight for their special occasions - be it a romantic dinner date, a glamorous event, or a fabulous summer vacation. Understanding that purchasing high-quality pieces might be a pain point since it’s costly and impractical just for a one-time event, Rent the Runway and Nuuly are great solutions for women. But what about Rent the Runway for Men? The answer is Taelor!

What is the male version of Rent the Runway? 

Is there a Rent the Runway for men? Taelor is a similar but more innovative model for guys who want to rock the perfect outfit without breaking the bank or cluttering their closets. We not only provide monthly clothing rental subscriptions, what set Taelor differently is, Taelor offers customized curations for members catering to their lifestyle. This means that members don't need to hassling picking their own outfits, but they can reply on our expert stylists and AI to pick items for any of their upcoming business events, dates, presentations, or parties. Looking for a Rent the Runway for men? Taelor is like the cool cousin who's got all the style tips without the hefty price tag. With monthly subscriptions and curated outfits, Taelor gives guys the power to slay their outfits in their daily work life and social life.

Is there a Nuuly for Men?

Nuuly and Taelor are both great options for individuals looking to update their wardrobe without overspending or dealing with a cluttered closet. While Nuuly offers only one monthly subscription, Taelor takes their service to the next level with flexible plans and free styling service. Taelor offers members curated collections specifically tailored by AI and professional stylists.

So, think of it as a fusion of Men's Rent the Runway and Nuuly for men, where you can easily rent stylish menswear, combined with the convenience of a personal styling service on-demand, just like Stitch Fix. It redefines fashion with its unique blend of men's clothing rental, personalized styling, and subscription services. It's a one-stop shop for men who want to elevate their style effortlessly.

About Taelor

This rental company was founded by Phoebe Tan and Anya Cheng, who led eCommerce product teams for Meta. It's headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. 

Taelor uses AI algorithms and professional stylists to personalize clothing items based on size, goals, and style. A stylist team then helps pick out clothes monthly. Operating as a subscription-based rental service, Taelor offers members access to 10,000+ styles and fashion-forward pieces from 300+ brands for one flat monthly fee.

Taelor's mission is clear - to help people achieve their goals by bringing out the best of themselves and saving the environment. By offering a personalized styling service, Taelor helps people be the best version of themselves every day without worrying about the stress and time associated with choosing their outfits. This allows customers to focus on the important things that matter most. 

Additionally, Taelor plays a part in supporting sustainable fashion and protecting the environment by extending the life of garments. By renting rather than owning clothes, customers can reduce waste, making a positive impact on our planet. In essence, Taelor's mission is to help customers own less but enjoy more while embracing sustainability. 

Taelor’s Diverse Styles

No matter the occasion and style - be it a formal office event, a lively weekend gathering, a relaxed vacation, or a special date night - browse our growing collection, Taelor is the ultimate solution for your wardrobe needs.
Whether you're in search of a timeless classic suit, trend and cool streetwear, modern activewear, or you desire minimalist and simple style - Taelor has got you covered. The best part is your stylist is there with you on the style journey. You can consult your personal stylist to style for you and freely switch up your style with each new shipment. Taelor lets you explore and embrace your style diversity effortlessly!
Taelor offers our members over 300+ brands and 10,000+ fashion-forward items. Brands include Ted Baker, Rag & Bone, Allsaints, Rails, Faherty, Ministry of Supply and many others brands, which perfectly suit various styles and occasions.

Taelor Review

How Taelor works

You might wonder how it works. Taelor is a clothing rental subscription service with a simple and convenient process. In each billing cycle, which is each month, members can receive 1 to 2 shipments. Each shipment will include a carefully curated selection of 5 versatile pieces (all kinds of styles of high-quality shirts, sweaters, button up, jackets, polo, pants, and more) that ensure you have a diverse range of options to suit any occasion.

Feel free to wear the 5 items for as long as you’d like. You will not be charged extra for holding on to the whole shipment for longer than your billing cycle. If you like to keep a certain item, you can keep it for up to 70% off the retail price.

men's styling service at Taelor

In your whole rental journey, our stylist is always there with you. Chat with your personal stylist anytime for any feedback so they can understand your preferences and style goals. Moving forward, our state-of-the-art AI styling algorithm will continue to offer ongoing recommendations based on your feedback, ensuring that your style is always on point.

When you want new pieces, simply return the items using the provided prepaid return bag. Free shipping and free laundry. Then expect your next shipment to arrive in 1~3 days.

Who would like Taelor’s services?

Imagine a journey towards success, where every step counts. Along this path, there is a group of individuals who have a common story to share. They are determined job seekers, enthusiastic daters, ambitious professionals, and those aiming for promotions. These individuals are on a mission to make a lasting impression, to leave their mark in every encounter. In their pursuit, Taelor becomes their trusted partner, standing by their side. Taelor knows that time is precious and styling can feel like a daunting task. That's why Taelor simplifies their lives, allowing them to spend less time and effort on their appearance. With Taelor, they can confidently explore a world of high-end brands, without the burden of heavy expenses. Through Taelor, they become champions of sustainability, as they embody the spirit of responsible fashion. With their wardrobe organized and clutter-free, they are ready to conquer their dreams, one stylish step at a time.

So, gentlemen, are you ready to elevate your style and join the Taelor community? Say goodbye to the stress of wardrobe decisions and hello to a curated collection tailored just for you. Embrace the simplicity of owning less and enjoying more. It's time to unlock your true potential and make a lasting impression in every aspect of your life. Taelor is the answer you've been waiting for. Sign up today, your best version awaits.

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"I like all your ideas. My time is really crazy with work, which makes staying up to date with fashion a little, I enjoy the whole experience." - Bud Rebel, a fellow podcaster, sharing his time-saving, hassle-free journey with Taelor's curated outfits and fun new styles!

"While I strive to provide exceptional support to my customers, Taelor supports me to achieve my goals. This uplifts me in immeasurable ways." - Bobby Sehgal, a business owner and Taelor model, sharing how Taelor works with his busy life. 


By Sophia Chou