Stitch Fix vs. Taelor. Which is best?

We asked men who have used both Taelor and Stitch Fix which they prefer, and we asked stylists who have worked for both companies to explain the differences between the services. Their answers were illuminating. 

Stitch Fix and Taelor are two of the leading clothing services for men. Choosing either one is likely to make you look better than you do now. 

That’s because both services have considerable similarities. Taelor and Stitch Fix both offer curated clothing selections for men. Both services offer quality items. Both companies employ staff with refined taste and an eye for style. 

But there are some substantial differences between the two services. Choosing the right one for you requires that you be clear about your goals, realistic about your fashion sense (or lack thereof) and reasonable about your budget.

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What do customers say about Stitch Fix?

Bob Wilson is a Taelor customer. But he wasn’t always. 

“So I tried Stitch Fix. It took like literally five times for them to get it right. I was putting in my sizes over and over again, getting something sent to me, having to take it back to a FedEx and do this return cycle over and over again on the same single shipment of clothing,” Wilson said.

That would be a frustrating experience for any customer. But it was particularly annoying for Bob, because he makes his living as a process efficiency executive. “It was mind numbing for me as a process efficiency person thinking about how between customer service and their ops person that puts it in a package they can literally get it wrong that many times,” he said.


Common complaints about Stitch Fix

Tim is another Taelor customer (he asked that we not use his last name.) He, too, had tried Stitch Fix earlier and found the experience less-than-optimal.

“I did Stitch Fix and I was really unhappy with it. So I sent everything back and canceled,” he said. “They just sent all stuff I didn’t want, three pairs of jeans and a gray sweater. I just felt like they weren't really listening to me. I didn't like any of the stuff that I got.“

Taelor stylists vs. Stitch Fix stylists. Is Stitch Fix really personalized?

Bob says that subscribing to Taelor’s service was a very different experience than what he found at Stitch Fix.

“Taelor was quite the opposite. It was like I got my first shipment and four out of five things fit almost perfectly,” he said. “The next shipment, after I've given feedback, it got even better. And you know over time and communicating this consistently, you get more of what you like. The Taelor model sort of tunes to those things that fit you well that you've given feedback on.” Read more about Taelor’s styling profile

Both Taelor and Stitch Fix use artificial intelligence and human stylists to choose clothes for customers. But a Stitch Fix box is not curated by a stylist with the same degree of personalization.

A number of Taelor stylists once worked for Stitch Fix. And these stylists say Taelor’s business model allows them to forge more personal connections with customers – ensuring that clothing items fit well and meet expectations.

“We are more personalized at Taelor,” says Melissa Slavick, a Taelor stylist. “At Stitch Fix you didn't get the one-on-one consultation call where you actually get to know the customer and get to see the customer.”

That connection with a personal stylist at Taelor makes for better customer experience, according to Melissa.

“Here at Taylor we get to text our customers and have that one-on-one interaction even if they decide to not have a consultation call with us,” she says. “We are texting our customers. It’s not having a ‘bot text them to see what they want. It's actually us speaking to our customers, and that's something that I never got to do at Stitch Fix. It was the customer service side that always reached out to the customers if they had any issues or if they had any questions.”

Joanna Medieros worked at Stitch Fix for three years before joining Taelor. She too says Taelor does a better job of connecting with customers.

“At Stitch Fix we didn't have one-on-one communication with the customers. We couldn't even reach out. We couldn't check in. So if a customer was like ‘I hate everything you sent me,’ there was no way for us to make it right,” she says.

At Taelor, “we really care about these guys here. I call it a partnership. Because the more he tells me, the better his shipments become over time, and I just didn't have the option at Stitch Fix,” Joanna says.

Danny Supernaw is another Taelor customer. He agrees that it’s the personal connection offered by Taelor stylists that make all the difference.

“I love that someone is there on the other end to help pick out what I want. I'm able to have an honest conversation of ‘I hated that shirt, or I love that shirt.’ I've really loved the ability to have that conversation with someone that helps guide you,” Danny said. 

Danny said his Taelor stylist also pushes him beyond his comfort zone. “She’s sent me a few items that in a store I might not pick out or try on,” he said, “but I tried what she sent  and now I love them.”

 Stitchfix vs. Taelor

Stitch Fix Review: What’s in a Stitch Fix box vs. what’s in a Taelor shipment

Although Taelor and Stitch Fix often carry clothing from the same well-known and stylish brands, Joanna says Taelor does a better job of staying up-to-date.

“Stitch Fix didn't keep the inventory fresh. Taelor really does. We keep it rolling. We keep up with the trends,” she said.

Being on-trend isn’t the only difference between a Stitch Fix box and a shipment from Taelor. The two companies have different business models.

Stitch Fix emphasizes that it is neither a subscription service nor a clothing-rental company. 

Stitch Fix customers are required to pay a $20 styling fee when they sign up for the service. After that, the company sends customers a box of clothing. Customers can keep what they like and return the rest. The $20 styling fee counts against a customer’s first purchase. Returns of unwanted items are free. Customers can order a box on demand or subscribe for regular shipments.

Taelor is a clothing rental subscription service. Taelor does not charge a styling fee. Taelor customers can interact with their stylists from the very start of their relationship with the company. There are no fees for talking with a stylist. Customers can choose to receive one or two boxes of clothing each month. Customers are not required to buy any of the items (although they can do so if they choose.) Customers wear the clothes they rented and then return them after a few weeks. The idea is to have a constantly updated wardrobe as clothes are rented, returned and new shipments arrive. Return shipping is free.


How much does Stitch Fix cost? Is Stitch Fix really worth it?

Another difference between Stitch Fix and Taelor is the price. 


Stitch Fix lets customers choose a price range for the clothing it ships. Selecting a low price range will, of course, mean the cost of purchasing a box is lower than it would be otherwise.

But according to Taelor customers who made the switch from Stitch Fix, it’s not uncommon for a box to run $300 or $400. 

Taelor, by contrast, charges a set fee to rent clothing. A single box of 5 items a month cost $79. Two boxes a month costs $109.


The Taelor advantage

 In the end, choosing either Stitch Fix or Taelor is a wise move for a man looking to improve his look. If you have the budget, you might want to use both services. But for most men, the best move is to subscribe to Taelor.

 The steady arrival of new clothes from Taelor’s rental service means a man is always prepared for his week. There’s always something new and fresh in the closet to make him look his best. 

And, because Taelor is a rental service, there’s no need to do laundry or send things to the dry cleaner. That’s a big advantage for today’s time-pressed men.

Knowing what you’re spending on clothes each month also makes budgeting easier. That should be a key consideration for any financially responsible guy.

Finally, as noted above, the personal connection between a Taelor stylist and a customer ensures that a guy is always happy with the way he looks.

Stitchfix pros and cons

Taelor pros and cons


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By Paul Conley

Feature image: Image by macrovector on Freepik