Is there a Nuuly for men? There is. It’s called Taelor

Nuuly is a clothing rental subscription company for women. Subscribers receive a monthly box of six items – dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. – that they wear and then return. It’s an interesting company that is noted for offering fun, quirky, and cute clothes aimed at young women.


But if you’re looking for something similar for the guy in your life, Nuuly won’t be much help. Nuuly does not offer rental subscriptions for men’s apparel. If a man wants a clothing rental subscription, he has to look at male-focused option: Taelor.

Taelor and Nuuly are remarkably similar companies. Both are clothing rental subscription services.

For example, Taelor customers receive a box (or two, depending on the package they choose) per month. Each box has five items. When a customer is ready, they return the clothes. Taelor then sends new items. If a Taelor customer really loves an item they have rented, they can purchase it at a discounted price. (Check out Taelor's plan and how it works)

Nuuly customers get one box a month. Each box contains six items. The process is the same as with Taelor. When a customer is ready, they return the six items. Nuuly then ships another box. If a woman really loves something in her Nuuly box, she can buy it at a discounted price.

Both companies offer free shipping, free returns, easy cancellation, and the ability to pause a subscription.

Nuuly vs. Taelor

Nuuly for men? Taelor for women?

It’s that business model – rent and return – that unites the two companies.

The only substantial difference is that Nuuly serves women and Taelor serves men.

There are other, less important differences too. For example, Nuuly is owned by Urban Outfitters, whereas Taelor is privately held. Nuuly has a thrift store where people can buy or sell old clothes – including some men's apparel. Taelor does not operate a thrift store.

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Rent. Return. Save the planet

Not only do Taelor and Nuuly both use the rent-and-return model, they both do so for the same reason: sustainability.

Nuuly and Taelor are both part of the so-called “ fashion sharing economy .” Fashion sharing allows a customer to pay a small percentage of the cost on an item, while getting more items to wear, reducing the impact on the environment of clothes manufacturing and disposal.

fashion sharing

Fashion sharing is the opposite of “fast fashion,” in which low-cost items are made at scale with the understanding that they will have a limited lifespan. Fast-fashion clothes create new demand because they don’t last. Fast fashion items quickly wind up in landfills, doing substantial damage to the environment.

Taelor is well known for its commitment to the environment . So is Nuuly.

Want to learn more about how Taelor fits in the fashion-sharing economy? Check out this article comparing Taelor to Rent the Runway .

How the Taelor and Nuuly work

At Taelor, all customers have direct access to personal stylists. Texts and video conversations between a stylist and their customers are common, particularly early in the relationship as the stylist collects feedback on what does, and doesn’t, work for a particular customer. In addition, Taelor augments the work of its personal stylists with artificial intelligence, sorting through thousands of data points about clothes and personal preference to ensure customer satisfaction.

Nuuly doesn’t offer personal stylists. Nor does the company use artificial intelligence to choose items for customers. Women who subscribe to Nuuly make their own selections.

Customers are not required to do laundry or make repairs by either company. All such services are included in the subscription fee.

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Nuuly for men? Taelor

Want some help finding and choosing clothes that will make you the best possible version of you (without having to do laundry or spend a fortune),  let Taelor help . Taelor is a menswear rental subscription service dedicated to helping men look their best when it matters most. Our styling service, powered by a human stylist and assisted by artificial intelligence, finds the clothes that help you win – at work, on a date, at a party, or wherever you spend your time.

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