Wear unlimited clothes with a sustainable and affordable way: Sharing Economy in Fashion

Have you ever complained about the clothes in your closet that don’t last as long as they should?
Or worried about fashion trash generated by clothes not worn?

Lots of shirts in different colors and materials

The business model of making goods meant to become obsolete to promote future sales has been a very usual thing to all the industries, especially the fashion industry. So there’s no fashion retailers who want their clothes to be worn everlasting. 

While the global fashion trash heap is growing, a new idea has taken hold: rentals of outfits, where you can pay 10% of the cost of one shirt and get 10 times as many shirts as you want, without needing to buy any more clothes or wash them. It’s called the “fashion sharing economy”.

Lots of economic features and the words change and chance

Why the fashion sharing economy?

For years, the clothing manufacturers have taken resources that were often unsustainable, made clothes, and then disposed of it in ways that hurt the environment.

But in a fashion sharing economy, 1 piece of clothing could be worn by many people, people can exchange and wear a different outfit every day, and keep it circulating.

Circulating concept is ideal for the fashion industry, because fashion trends go round and round, the clothes are never updated.

This feature of fashion is a good thing for sustainability and the sharing economy.

A reusable bag with a phone that shows a recycle sign on it

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