How it works

Wear, Return, Review

Subscribe to rent. Enjoy up to 2 shipments monthly, each comprising of 5 carefully curated items.

  1. Complete style quiz to share your preferences, needs, measurements and more.
  2. "Heart" 10+ favorite items to help us understand your preferences.
  3. Enjoy up to 10 curated items per month. No laundry.
  4. Return your current shipment to receive the next one. If you want, buy your favorites to keep them forever!
  5. (Optional) Review 5 items to receive a $5 purchase coupon. Book a free, 15-minute style feedback call with our stylist to discuss specific needs.
1. Style quiz

Step 1

Style Quiz & Feedback Call

Style quiz

Take the style quiz to provide your stylist with your style preferences, measurements and occasions. We'll select the clothes that match your needs perfectly.

If the style quiz isn't completed, we can't curate the 1st shipment.

Log in your account. Then, find the menu and click "TAKE STYLE QUIZ".

Style feedback call

You have the option to book a free, 15-minute call with our stylists to discuss your style preferences, occasions and needs.

This call is entirely optional. Skipping it won't impact the scheduled date of your 1st or subsequent shipments.

Log in your account. Then, find the menu and click "BOOK A FEEDBACK CALL".

2. Heart items

Step 2

Heart favorites & new arrivals

  • You'll receive an email with the subject - "Your Personal Taelor.Style Collection Is Ready For You".
  • "Heart" 10+ items that you love in the collection and leave notes to help us understand your style preferences.
  • "Heart" new arrivals in your inbox to share your latest style preferences with us. Our collections are regularly updated with fresh, hand-picked additions.
  • Don’t worry if you didn’t get to it, we'll put together your shipment based on what we already know about you!
3. Wear

Step 3

Wear now. No laundry needed

  • Enjoy up to 10 items per month that match your style preferences and occasions. We take care of the laundry!
  • If you receive items with tags on, just remove them. You're the very first customer to wear the items!
  • Your shipments will be personally curated based on your Style Quiz responses, 'hearted' collection items and any feedback or requests you've shared with your stylist.
  • If you're on "2 shipments per month” plan, you must return the 1st shipment to receive the 2nd one. Keeping the 1st shipment for the entire month will forfeit the 2nd one. Keeping the 1st shipment for even longer results in ongoing subscription charges.
4. Return or Extend

Step 4

Return for next shipment

1. Place the clothes to return into the provided return bag. Drop the bag to any USPS mailbox/post office or schedule USPS pickup service.

2. If you wish to enjoy specific items for longer, you can choose to extend rental for one more cycle and simply return the rest. The number of items you choose to extend will be counted into the quota of your next shipment.

  • You can also choose to pay extra for getting up to 9 items in your next shipment.
  • You must return your current shipment to receive the next one.
  • Any incomplete returns without notice will be considered as a purchase, and you'll be charged the member price for unreturned items.
4.1 Buy

Step 4.1

Buy items you love

  • You can buy items in your shipment or any items on the Taelor website at a discounted price.
  • Log in your account, add your desired item(s) to the cart, and complete the purchase. It’s all yours to keep now!
  • Please note if a return is incomplete, with no purchase record, no extended record, and no notice provided, it'll be counted as a purchase. You'll be charged the member price for any unreturned items.

5. Review

Step 5

Review 5 items, get $5 reward

  • Submit reviews for 5 items from your shipments and earn $5 purchase coupon for every 5 reviews, straight to your inbox.
  • Follow the link in the Review email or visit member homepage to review items.
  • Your feedback guides our stylists and AI to curate perfect collections for you, refining your personal style.
  • If you have specific thoughts for your upcoming shipments, feel free to contact your stylist at any time.

Upgrade your subscription

Get up to 10 items per shipment

Need more clothes for the upcoming month?

  • You can upgrade your plan to up to 2 shipments per month and up to 10 items per shipment.
  • You can choose a one-time upgrade or an ongoing plan upgrade.

If you need more above these options, contact your stylists or Taelor customer services at: hi@taelor.style


Referral Program

GIVE 25%, GET $25!

  • Love Taelor and want to share? Visit our referral page and share the referral link with your friends or family.
  • When your friends/family sign up using your referral link, they'll receive 25% discount on their 1st month of Taelor subscription.
  • You'll receive a $25 purchase coupon for each successful referral. Please note that this coupon can only be applied toward the purchase of Taelor clothes and can't be used for a new subscription.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Taelor work?

As a valued Taelor member, you'll enjoy a range of exclusive advantages carefully designed to cater to your fashion needs:

  • Monthly Outfit Shipments: With Taelor's monthly outfit rental plan, you'll receive 1-2 shipments per month. Each shipment will include a carefully curated selection of 5 versatile pieces (all kinds of styles of high quality shirts, sweaters, button up, jackets, polo, pants, and more) that ensure you have a diverse range of options to suit any occasion. Please note that any unused shipments or boxes can't be carried over to the following month. We encourage you to enjoy the full benefits of each month's shipment.
  • Personal Styling Service: You have access to our expert stylists for the initial styling service. They will provide you with a personalized styling consultation to understand your preferences and style goals. Moving forward, our state-of-the-art AI styling algorithm will continue to offer ongoing recommendations based on your feedback, ensuring that your style is always on point.
  • Free Shipping and Free Laundry: We offer free shipping services for both the delivery of your outfits and the hassle-free return process. You can focus on enjoying your stylish ensembles without any additional costs. We also take care of the laundry for you. Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting, washing, drying, and ironing - our laundry service has you covered.
  • Exclusive Purchase Discounts: If you come across an item that you absolutely love and want to keep, you'll have exclusive access to purchase it at up to 70% off the regular price. This allows you to enhance your wardrobe at unbeatable member-only prices.

We are thrilled to have you as a member of Taelor! Let us be your trusted companion as you elevate your wardrobe and experience a world of endless styling possibilities.

How many items do I get each month on Taelor?

We offer a range of subscription plans to suit your needs. Depending on the plan you choose, the number of items you'll receive per month may vary:

  • The "5 items per shipment, 2 shipments per month" plan: With this plan, you'll receive up to 10 items each month. This allocation allows you to explore a wide variety of styles, experiment with different looks, and effortlessly stay on top of seasonal trends.
  • The "5 items per shipment, 1 shipment per month" plan: With this plan, you'll receive 5 items every month, ensuring you have a well-rounded wardrobe that meets your style aspirations.
How do I return dirty clothes?

Just place the clothes to wash in the prepaid return bag that is included in your shipment. Once you've packed them up, you can simply drop the bag in any USPS mailbox or a nearby post office.

How often can I exchange the clothes on Taelor?

Our exchange policy allows you to refine your wardrobe throughout the monthly cycle. If you choose our:

  • "5 items per shipment, 2 shipments per month" plan: You can exchange the clothes at any time within the monthly circle. Once you return the 1st shipment, you can expect to receive the 2nd shipment in a few days. If you wish to have the 2nd shipment sent to a different address, please ensure that you update your shipping address on your account page before returning the 1st shipment.
  • "5 items per shipment, 1 shipments per month" plan: You can return the clothes at any time within the monthly circle. After you return the clothes, you’ll receive the next shipment at the beginning of the following monthly cycle.
What happens if I accidentally damage or lose an item?

Regular wear and tear is included in your plan, so minor stains and everyday use won't cause concerns. However, in the case of major damage or lost items, you will be responsible for the associated charges. We appreciate your cooperation in taking care of the items to avoid any unexpected costs.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

If you wish to pause or cancel your membership, please email us at hi@taelor.style with the subject line "Pause/Cancel Subscription." Please include the necessary details in your email, including the date you want to resume your membership. Our dedicated team will promptly assist you.

Your request to cancel your membership will be effective from the date we receive your email. Upon cancellation, we kindly request that you return all rented items before the end of the current billing period, as specified in your account settings. This will help avoid any additional late fees.

If we do not receive the rented items by the end of your billing period, you will be charged up to the current member's price to purchase the item plus applicable tax in accordance with our late fee policy.

Please note that our One-Time Pilot and Gifting are one-time payment plans and cannot be canceled once the purchase is made. We encourage you to carefully consider these plans before making a commitment.

At Taelor, we value your satisfaction and want to ensure that your experience with us exceeds your expectations. Should you have any questions or require further assistance regarding pausing or canceling your membership, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.