Taelor's Guide: Keep Your Rental Clothes Longer with our Extend Rental & Upgrade Subscription Feature

Ready to take your style journey to the next level? We're thrilled to introduce two exciting new features designed to make your Taelor experience even more tailored to your preferences: Extend Rental and Subscription Upgrade.

Extend Rental

Enjoy your favorite items for an extended period for FREE! Choose specific items to enjoy for longer and simply return the rest. Once we receive the returned ones, we'll promptly send you new shipment.

Note that the number of items you choose to extend will be counted into the quota of your next shipment. You can only extend once, as these items must be returned with your next shipment. Otherwise, they'll be considered purchased and charged accordingly.

💡Tips: You can also choose to pay extra for getting up to 9 items in your next shipment.

Extend Rental at Taelor


Subscription Upgrade

Need more clothes for the upcoming month? Upgrade your plan to specify the number of additional items and shipments, ensuring your wardrobe needs are met.

Currently, we offer to upgrade up to 2 shipments per month and up to 10 items per shipment. If you need more above these options, contact your stylists or Taelor customer services at: hi@taelor.style

 upgrade plan at Taelor

Enjoy your favorite styles for longer and rent more items that match your evolving needs with ease! Here's to an upgraded and chic you!