The Best Men's Clothing Subscription Boxes of 2023 to Upgrade Your Wardrobe

GQ | June 9, 2023

Google “men's clothing subscription boxes” and you'll find no shortage of options. Style subscriptions like the now defunct Trunk Club helped make these box delivery systems a thing a decade ago, and there are now roughly as many mail-order menswear services as there are podcasts for them to advertise on. All of them offer roughly the same deal: you fill out an uncomfortably probing style quiz about your lifestyle and body shape and spending habits; a personal stylist or algorithm or some combination of the two magically conjures up your “style profile”; and, finally, you’re only charged for the items you decide to keep. Easy-peasy, right?

men's clothing subscription box

So if you hate shopping with an absolute passion but still need to look somewhat presentable, these services will be your jam. If you earnestly want to hone a sense of personal style and have zero idea where to start, well, buy a subscription to GQ...and then maybe consider signing up for one of these boxes, too. And sure, if you already know your where your style preferences lie you might occasionally receive something in a subscription box that you love and wouldn't have considered otherwise—but it’s probably still safer to just shop for yourself and pick out stuff you’ll definitely like (and know is in your price range).

If you're a frequent reader of, you already know you don't need an excuse to get dressed up. But if your social calendar is suddenly crammed with the type of events that make the clothing in your closet seem a little lackluster, Taelor is a great platform to help you spruce them up. The upscale rental service curates a selection of fits with the help of a personal stylist assigned to you (and a little AI wizardry), pulling from an archive of polished basics—think luxe knits, double-breasted blazers, and sharp trousers—from the likes of Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. (Your subscription also covers all cleaning costs). And if you just need to own that blazer after wearing it for a few weeks straight, you can buy it for up 70% off its retail price. That umpteenth cocktail hour never stood a chance.

Pricing: $79/month  Delivery Frequency: 1x/month Items Per Box: 5
Pricing: $109/month Delivery Frequency: 2x/month Items Per Box: 5 (10 items in total)

Or send a gift to someone that you think will enjoy Taelor.

men's clothing subscription box

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