Valentine's Day Special — Koup’s Anti-odor Activewear Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles and Cinnamon Now Available on Taelor

Taelor now partners with sustainable brand KOUP to offer our customers performance active apparel that is made from recycled plastic bottles and infused with cinnamon extracts. 

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Wait a minute, shirts made from recycled plastic bottles and infused with cinnamon extracts?

Shirts use natural cinnamon extract to eliminate odor from sweat.

Yes, KOUP’s signature cinnamon t-shirts are made using a GRS certified source from recycled plastic bottles. Their Oeko-tex(R) approved material supplier first shreds and melts the plastic bottles, then adds cinnamon extract to create the anti-microbial pellets (beads). These pellets are then melted and extruded into fibres. The antimicrobial from cinnamon extracts prevents odor-causing bacteria and keeps you fresh all the time.

A female model in dark cyan shirt, grey pant, and white shoes sits with a male model in black t-shirt and khaki pants on rocks. The poster from Koup says "move your body freely and comfortably this winter with Koup!"

Koup Co-Founder Brian Chuang’s initial idea for the cinnamon-infused athletic shirts came to him after he started storing textiles in a warehouse that housed cinnamon owned by a Chinese herb company. After the herb company moved out, Chuang realized that the textiles had an anti-odor function because of the impact of the cinnamon. “That's how I thought of designing a shirt that was made of cinnamon and recycled plastic bottles,” Chuang said.

Later he found out that cinnamon has been used since ancient Egyptian times as a natural preservative. It has natural antimicrobial properties and is widely used in products such as toothpaste and chewing gum.

"Sweat itself does not carry odor. It is actually the bacteria on your skin (such as staphylococcus aureus) that produce odor as they feed on sweat. The way cinnamon works is that it inhibits the growth of sweat-eating bacteria. Thus, odor is not produced, keeping you smelling fresh," Chuang explained. In addition, their moisture-wicking property means the t-shirt keeps you dry and comfortable when you are on the go and its thermal characteristics help regulate your body temperature.

a male model in grayish pink shirt smiling. The poster says "there are so many reasons to fall in love with Koup!"


Koup’s line isn’t just about cool technology; it’s also about sustainability. Chuang said, "My background in textiles prompted me to search for eco-friendly textile technologies that can make a difference.” Using recycled materials, Koup’s unique technology is eco-friendly and replaces harmful chemical coatings.

Koup’s commitment to the environment resonates with Taelor’s mission to reduce the carbon footprint of clothing. Taelor is a revolutionary new way for men to rent clothes, allowing them to look and feel great every day while also reducing their carbon footprint. According to research from the British Fashion Council, a 5 to 10% reduction in a garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprint is attainable by extending its lifetime by three months, which you can achieve by renting clothes and buying pre-owned items. With Taelor, each garment can be worn more times and customers can buy what they rent, as well. 

“Now customers can double their support for the environment by renting Koup’s shirts at Taelor,” said Chuang.

Taelor offers discounted gift cards for Valentine's Day

“We know a lot of people are looking to be more environmentally conscious in their gift giving this Valentine's Day,” says Anya Cheng, founder and CEO of Taelor. “When you give someone a subscription to Taelor, you can give him the gift of looking great every day, while also feeling good knowing you aren’t giving something that will just end up in a landfill someday.” 

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When customers first sign up, they fill out a style questionnaire and then receive a personal consultation with one of Taelor’s stylists. Then the stylists, along with Artificial Intelligence, select clothes for the customers based on their sizes and personal preferences. The clothes are shipped directly to customers, who can either wear them and return them or purchase them for up to 70% off the regular retail price. Customers then receive another box of clothes.

A male model in black t shirt smiling. The poster  from Koup says "we found our soulmate in sustainable fashion!"

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The service costs $79.99 per month, which includes up to two boxes of clothes per month with four items in each box. Dry cleaning and shipping is free both ways. Styling services are also included, and there is no commitment to buy any clothes from the boxes. The best gift is time, and the service will save your loved one time. 

“Instead of buying your loved ones a shirt or sweater that he may not really like and will end up sitting in his closet, why not give him a gift that will keep on giving?” Cheng says. “A gift certificate to Taelor is one of the most environmentally conscious presents you can give this year!”

Rent KOUP’ signature Cinnamon T-shirt on Taelor now 

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