You now can keep clothes for weeks: Enjoy Flexible Rental Returns

Love the shipment we sent so much and want to keep it longer, or want to return items sooner to get the next shipment? We hear you! Starting immediately, you can enjoy flexible returns!

You get up to 2 shipments per month and it’s up to you when to return your first box! When you receive the first box of the month, you no longer have to rush to return it within 15 days. Now, you can wear your clothes for as long as you’d like — there are no set return dates. Swap or don’t — it’s your call!

Just be mindful that you won’t get a new box until you return the one you have in hand, and your membership fee will still be charged monthly. Also, the number of shipments won’t roll over to the next month.

Don’t want to return items but want to get your next box? No problem, just log in to your account and purchase the items you want to keep. Detailed purchasing steps, please see our Taelor's Guide: How to Purchase Items from Taelor?

Here's a brief overview of some of the return changes (Feb 2022):
Changes in Taelor return policies

After you get the 1st box of the month…

Can I keep the shipment for more than 15 days?
Yes! You don’t have to swap — you can keep this one as long as you like. Just remember that your 2nd shipment of the month does not carry over to the next month. Also, your next month’s shipment won’t be shipped until you return the shipment you have in hand, but you will still be charged the monthly subscription fee as usual. 

What if I don’t want to return rental items?
You can buy them with up to 70% off exclusive member discounts! Just log in to your account and pay for items you want to keep and return the rest, if there are any. We'll begin preparing the next shipment after receiving your payment or receiving your return.

Can I get my 2nd shipment of the month sooner? 
Yes! We will ship your 2nd box as soon as your first shipment returns. 

Can I tell you what I want for my next shipment?
Of course! No matter if you are going on a trip, a Valentine’s Day date, job interview, or a client meeting, we have both formal and casual looks available for your next shipment. We are your fairy godmother and got you covered! Make your wishes come true by sending a text message to your stylist or emailing

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