Broaden your horizons — Landway, the manufacturer behind well-known outdoor jacket brands will prepare you to rock 2022

The holiday season is here! Any plans for skiing? Backcountry hiking? Prepare yourself for outdoor activities with a trendy, comfortable and environmentally friendly jacket! 

A male model in a blue and grey striped windbreaker jacket from Landway

Taelor now partners with Landway to offer ethically made outdoor garments that will allow you to explore new possibilities. For more than two decades, Landway has been a manufacturer of many well-known outdoor jacket brands. They specialize in producing outdoor clothing for national parks, ski resorts, hotels and even for the Super Bowl! Sign up for Taelor’s rental subscription program and get 20% off rental subscription for first 2 months on

For a flat fee every month, you can wear up to 8 garments. You will receive 2 boxes per month and 4 shirts in each box. Our stylists and AI team help select the items based on your preference and your purpose. Your rental items arrive clean and ready to wear. Enjoy your new items for two weeks. When you are ready to swap with a different piece, just pack the dirty clothes in the return bag. If you really love something you try on, you can keep it with a discount up to 70%. 

With Taelor, you can try as many styles as you want without commitment to buy. Enjoy complimentary styling service, dry cleaning, and free shipping both ways.

A female model in grey jacket and black pants, and a male model in blue jacket. The Landway poster says our love for travel and exploration

Made by sustainable yarns

As part of their ECO-LAND initiative, Landway uses yarns that are made from solution-dye-pellets, which significantly reduces water usage and harmful waste. The polyloft insulation is made from recycled polyester and post-industrial waste fibers. They use PVC Free C6 DWR treatment on their waterproof outerwear, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of traditional waterproof clothing.

Produced in ethical factories

Landway’s factories focus on the good health, safety, and fair compensation of the workforce, including a commitment to minimizing waste, thorough product testing, and proper labeling. They require our manufacturing facilities to be in compliance with all health and safety codes. As a family business, they hold their partners to strict ethical standards to maintain an ethical work environment. In fact, they even help villages in South Africa to build factories in order to help them to make a living. 

A business that is socially responsible

Landway has used their excess fabric to make children’s clothing and worked with a non-profit to donate clothing to Syrian refugees. During the COVID crisis, they also donated masks to local hospitals to support the local community. They are committed to conducting business in a manner that is socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Fun facts about Landway: Terry Chen, CEO of Landway, is the second generation of this family business. When he was growing up in a Taiwanese American immigrant family, his dad brought him to street stores to sell clothing. “My dad asked me to go to stores that do NOT sell jeans and asked me to sell them. He did that on purpose because he knew that they would reject me.” Of course, Terry sometimes walked out the store with tears. “I learned to be resilient, and I also learned that achieving the American dream requires lots of help. That’s why we are always helping others.”


A female model with pink jacket and black pants and male model with blue jacket and black pants standing on a rock next to the beach

Taelor offers discount subscriptions for the holidays

Love Landway jackets but not ready to buy them yet? Are you looking for more environmentally conscious gifts to give this holiday season? If so, consider buying a gift certificate to Taelor, a new men’s clothing rental service, which is offering 15% off on gift certificates this holiday season at

“We know a lot of people are looking to be more environmentally conscious in their gift giving this holiday season,” says Anya Cheng, founder and CEO of Taelor. “When you give someone a subscription to Taelor, you can give him the gift of looking great every day, while also feeling good knowing you aren’t giving something that will just end up in a landfill someday.” 

Taelor is a revolutionary new way for men to rent clothes, allowing them to look and feel great every day while also reducing their carbon footprint.

When customers first sign up, they fill out a style questionnaire and then receive a personal consultation with one of Taelor’s stylists. Then the stylists, along with Artificial Intelligence, select clothes for the customers based on their sizes and personal preferences. The clothes are shipped directly to customers, who can either wear them and return them or purchase them for up to 70% off the regular retail price. Customers then receive another box of clothes.

The service costs $79.99 per month, which includes up to two boxes of clothes per month with four items in each box. Dry cleaning and shipping is free both ways. Styling services are also included, and there is no commitment to buy any clothes from the boxes.

From now, the company is offering two discounts ― one for people looking to give a gift to someone else, and one for people who want to buy a subscription for themselves.

  • Save 15% on gift certificates worth $80, $160, $230 or $450 with the code GREENGIFT.
  • Save 20% on a subscription with the code LANDWAY.

To purchase a gift certificate, simply go to After you purchase the gift certificate, Taelor will email you the gift code, which you can share with the recipient.

“Instead of buying your boyfriend or husband a shirt or sweater that he may not really like and will end up sitting in his closet, why not give him a gift that will keep on giving?” Cheng says. “A gift certificate to Taelor is one of the most environmentally conscious presents you can give this year.”

A male model and a female model sitting on a red coach with a box of clothings from Taelor

Rent Landway’s garments on Taelor with code LANDWAY to get 20% off first 2 months

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Stay warm this winter with Landway and Taelor!