Taelor’s New Sustainable 🌎 Packaging

Here at Taelor, sustainability is a big part of our mission. We recently implemented a new packaging to be more eco-friendly! You will receive a REUSEABLE, 100% recycled mailer. This package will be used for returning your items, so don’t throw it away!

Keep This Bag For Return

Return Label Is In The Bag

Return With The Same Bag You Got  

    Ecoenclose Bag — made with recycled waste

    One of the world's most sustainable mailers. It's made with 100% recycled content, 50% post-consumer waste, with a reusable tear strip and recyclable.

    “Green” is the new style 

    Not only renting clothes, but also embrace sustainability. Keep your style and also reduce waste to save the environment. The new packaging is a new eco-friendly milestone for you and us taking a step forward. Thanks for supporting sustainability!


    Questions? Email us at hi@taelor.style