Spring Is Here — Sons + Fathers’ timeless, high quality, british-style apparel brought to you by Indian royal family

Have you seen the styles of Mumbai and London’s royal families on Netflix? Yes, that’s the Sons + Fathers’ look that you’ll get in Taelor’s new spring collection. Founded by the Indian artist Vishwajeet Singh Rana, who is part of the Royal Family of Dholpur and former artist who designed Apple creatives, Sons + Fathers is an up-and-coming retailer of British style classic looks that you don’t want to miss. Join Taelor to rent and buy their shirts, jackets and pants.  
Male model wearing a blue plaid blazer and a white shirt from Indian brand Sons+Fathers

“We can redefine our own pride.” 

“Luxury can be offered at a fair price, design can be exclusively to every individual, and contemporary can be presented in a sustainable way — We can redefine our own pride,” says Rana. With Sons + Fathers, you’ll look like a million bucks — whether you are a 45-year-old executive or a 15-year-old ready for a first date, they elevate your style.

Rana was part of the Royal Family of Dholpur, and he attributes his sense of design to his heritage. Sons + Fathers provides sophistically-crafted, ethically-produced, elegantly-handmade clothing for men to look stylish. Rana says, “We believe in being FREE SPIRITED in Attitude, In Clothes, and in Great Style.” 

Sons + Fathers works with small, ethical factories. Each fabric is individually hand-picked. “Our philosophy is, fashion comes and goes but style is eternal. Therefore, we believe in timeless appeal and create clothes made of the finest quality fabric, which will last a lifetime if you take care of them,” says Rana. 

Male model wearing navy and orange striped shirt from Indian brand Sons+Fathers

Luxurious yet contemporary craftsmanship and custom creation that focus on details.

Sons + Fathers’ style can be described as contemporary, luxurious, and classic. Different from mass production and fast fashion, they choose craftsmanship and custom creation over filling  the closet. Sons + Fathers adds uniqueness to our regular days, converting the mundane to the extraordinary.

Rana believes that finesse and ease can go beautifully together, and style does not deny comfort. He pays attention to details and creates clothes that are high quality, well cut, and rest easy on the body. “Inspiration comes from the little things in the universe. Paying attention to details connects every dot in order to prepare us to become a better version of ourselves, “ says Rana.

Male model wearing blue and orange striped shirt from Indian brand Sons+Fathers

Founded by Vishwajeet Singh Rana, the artist who directed Apple’s creatives

“My journey into fashion began much before I realized. My father, in his tailored clothes and polished shoes, embodied the classic gentleman to me. I instinctively took pride in my appearance and developed a keen sense of the fashion aesthetic early on,” says Rana.

Rana has almost two decades of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, working for brands like Mercedes, Apple, BMW, Chopard and Giorgio Armani. He also has over a decade of experience as a fashion photographer, which married his sense of art and his interest in fashion.

Sons+Fathers is the culmination of his journey.

As a design lover, he brings a sense of finesse, ease, confidence and sophistication into men’s clothing. The label sets out to be a game-changer in fashion for men. “I believe that pride in one’s appearance is undeniably linked to a sense of self-worth and happiness. Fashion and grooming deserve more love and respect from the hallowed spiritual hallways than they receive,” Rana says. 

Rana is committed to sharing the value he created — a part of every purchase will go towards clothing for the homeless. He says, “I believe in the philosophy that everyone can win, because we live in an abundant universe. I am committed to the well-being of every individual who is a part of Sons + Fathers, through the practice of fair pricing and sustainability.”

Male model wearing v-neck t-shirt and grey blazer from Indian brand Sons+Fathers

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