Experience “Wearing the Cloud” — loungewear brand [REESEDELUCA]® offers casual wear to rent on Taelor

“I literally never want to take it off,” when you look at [REESEDELUCA]®’s customer reviews, you find a consistent 5-star rating about its comfort. That’s because [REESEDELUCA]® used to be a loungewear company but later expanded to include casual wear. Taelor is excited to announce our partnership with [REESEDELUCA]®. Through Taelor’s AI-curated menswear rental subscription service, customers now can rent [REESEDELUCA]®’s shirts. You will look like you’re going out on a Saturday night but feel like you’re in your Sunday morning pajamas. Get 20% rental subscription first 2 months with code “REESEDELUCA” at https://taelor.style 

Taelor is partnering with [REESEDELUCA]®, a popular Canadian fashion brand known for its comfortable fabric and advanced contemporary lifestyle look, because of our common belief in supporting sustainability. 

[REESEDELUCA]® isn’t just known for its quality, but also known for its “slow fashion” sustainability — each clothing item looks good even after being washed 90 times, which is 3 times more than regular clothes. Part of Taelor’s mission is to help the environment through its rental subscription model, where each garment is worn more times. According to research from the British Fashion Council, a 5–10% reduction in a garment’s carbon, water, and waste footprint has been shown to be attainable by extending its lifetime by a mere three months. 

A male model in [REESEDELUCA]®'s wheat-colored t-shirt, navy shorts, and sneakers. The poster says "soft, thick, quality fabric and breathable!"

Stylish loungewear maker expands his vision to day wear 

Reese De Luca started his brand [REESEDELUCA]® by offering loungewear that looks stylish. People said that wearing [REESEDELUCA]® is like “wearing the cloud.”  Because his design looks so great, he found that people were starting to wear [REESEDELUCA]® loungewear in public. “I started thinking...I can make pajamas that look like day wear, then maybe I can also offer day wear that feels like pajamas,” said De Luca. 

Reese De Luca graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, one of the world’s top 10 sustainable fashion schools. Later, he became a Design Director at William Rast, a brand founded by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala and is known for its premium jeans. He also worked for Buffalo Jeans as a Design Director. The brand was born in France and made famous in Canada, and is available in many department stores in the U.S.

Two male models in [REESEDELUCA]®'s clothes. The poster says "quality, comfort, stylish"

Double your environmental impact by renting [REESEDELUCA]®

You’ll feel good about renting [REESEDELUCA]®! Its garments are all made in small batches in a socially compliant workshop and eco-friendly dyes. Their tailors are paid above industry wages. [REESEDELUCA]® also has a partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit that plants one tree for each item sold on [REESEDELUCA]®. The trees are planted in the same areas where the brand produces its garments in California and India! 

The rental model that Taelor offers is part of the “circular fashion” movement that’s trendy nowadays. Now, you can double your support for the environment by renting a sustainable brand like [REESEDELUCA]®. 

A male model in [REESEDELUCA]®'s black t-shirt. The poster says "we act on sustainability!!"

Wear every [REESEDELUCA]® shirts without owning all of them

Being a member of Taelor, you can wear a variety of clothes. For $79.99 per month, you get up to 8 clothes to wear per month — 2 shipments per month, 4 shirts every shipment. Our stylists and AI select items based on your purpose. Your box of shirts arrives clean and ready to wear. When you're ready to swap, return the dirty clothes and get new ones. No more shopping or laundry. There’s no commitment to buy. If you really love something, you can keep it for up to 70% discount. 

With Taelor, you can try as many styles as you want by wearing them for weeks. Enjoy complimentary styling service, dry cleaning, and free shipping both ways.

Rent [REESEDELUCA]® on Taelor today! Get 20% rental subscription first 2 months with code “REESEDELUCA” at https://taelor.style