Wear TRANZEND’s $395 Ultra Performance, Coffee Grounds Infused Suit on Taelor

Have you ever worn a suit that is perfect for biking, made out of recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, and is waterproof and ultra-stretchable? Meet TRANZEND, Taelor’s newest collaboration in sustainable fashion! Their first-ever waterproof, anti-odour, ultra-stretchable, wrinkle-free, highly breathable and UV protected two-piece suit is designed for the modern man’s active lifestyle. 


A model in a black rain jacket/suit from TRANZEND

London artist ventures to geek gear

London is a vibrant metropolitan city that rains consistently throughout the year. Many men wear suits for work and casual occasions on a daily basis. However, these suits are often uncomfortable or not functional enough to fit their diverse lifestyle, not to mention the challenging British climate.

As an artist in London, TRANZEND’s CEO, William Chen, wanted to make a suit which would look great, feel comfortable, and adapt to many different environments. The design seamlessly integrates elements of sportswear and heritage fashion, so that you can effortlessly go from a business meeting to a track event to evening dinner. TRANZEND’s suits are perfect for those who cycle to work because the material is stretchy and breathable. Of course, it’s also perfect for rainy cities like Seattle!

A schematic photo showing TRANZEND's convertible rain jacket and suit

Cool, sustainable tech for workout and workplace

TRANZEND is not created to compete with fast fashion. It’s designed to produce better products that last longer and create less waste. TRANZEND’s Ultra Performance Blazer keeps your body temperature neutral and dry with moisture-wicking technology — enjoy extreme comfort all day long on any occasion. Each shirt is crafted through ultrasonic stitchless sewing and laser-cut techniques. The magnetic cuffs and snap-on button allow you to move freely!

Besides design, Ultra Suits are also made with sustainable materials. Good sustainable materials don’t come easy. Many sustainable or recycled materials feel low-grade and cannot be used to produce quality suits. William and his team have spent lots of time researching materials for the Ultra Suits until they found a perfect fit — a cutting-edge fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds that provides the ultimate functionality. 

A male model in TRANZEND's black suit and brown shoes

Be impressed by the real value, not just how it looks

William Chen graduated from London College of Fashion, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Management. He understands the need for practicality, tech-savviness, and fashion. Chen says, “We don’t want people to be just impressed about our product because of how it looks; we want them to be impressed because they know the real value of our products.” He also used waterproofed, stretchable, breathable and rain hood on top of our shirt as examples of those details. 

There are two styles: 1) Classic Ultra Suit and 2) Modern Ultra Suit (the one with a zipper). Both are slim fit blazers, and the Modern is slightly more slim-fit than the Classic.

Classic Ultra Suit

A picture of TRANZEND's rain jacket and suit

Modern Ultra Suit

TRANZEND Modern Ultra Performance Blazer

Not sure which one to pick? No worries! Your Taelor personal stylist will pick for you.

A schematic picture showing different features of TRANZEND's suit

TRANZEND Ultra Performance Suit is available to rent on Taelor

“At Taelor, we’re committed to helping make the fashion industry more sustainable by giving people the opportunity to rent their clothes rather than buy them. So, we were thrilled to partner with TRANZEND to be able to offer their eco-friendly shirts to our customers to do even more to support sustainable practices,” says Taelor’s CEO Anya Cheng.

Taelor is a men’s clothing rental company that aims to help men look and feel great every day while also reducing their carbon footprint. For a flat fee of $109.00 per month, customers get up to two boxes of shirts per month, which include four shirts in each box. The clothes are shipped directly to customers, who can either wear them and return them or purchase them for a discount. Customers then receive another box of clothes. Dry cleaning and shipping is free both ways. 

Taelor’s customers also receive ongoing personal styling, including a consultation with one of Taelor’s professional stylists, and the stylists, along with Artificial Intelligence, select clothes for the customers based on their sizes and personal preferences.

Taelor offers 350+ brands — tried-and-true looks from popular, mainstream menswear clothing brands, as well as more unique items from independent designers.

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A schematic picture showing TRANZEND's ultra suit in classic look and in modern look