Olivia Yao Pearl Silver Ripple Earring


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The item depicts streams of flowing water, as the twists and turns compose the rhythm of waves, with a pearl symbolizing sunlight sparkling on the water surface.  

This simple and everyday wear features a series of matte and polished surfaced interlaced in a curve. The ripple can be flipped around and worn from both sides.

materials: 18K gold vermeil brass, freshwater pearl *Pearls are organic materials, so it's common that there is a swell or a dent on the surface.

Size: Dia 15 mm, freshwater pearl 3.5 mm

Use & Care: For the plated jewelry, please keep away from perfume, make-ups, hot-spring, showering, seawater, swim. Wrap your jewelry in tissue paper and put it in a plastic zipper bag when not wearing. 
Our jewelry boasts fashionable styles that are perfect for various daily occasions, setting it apart from traditional jewelry, which tends to be basic yet adorned with expensive stones, reserved for special events. Additionally, it stands out from traditional fashion jewelry found in apparel stores, as it maintains higher production quality standards.
Our jewelry features a versatile and adaptable design, allowing users to wear it in multiple ways, catering to their individual preferences and styles.
Our jewelry seamlessly combines unique Asian detailing with modern European aesthetics, resulting in a harmonious blend that appeals to a unique taste.
Our collection includes natural pearls and a wide selection of semi-precious gemstones, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness not commonly found in designer jewelry.
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