Get your personalized recommendation

As a new member, you get a one-time, 1-on-1 Zoom call with your personal stylist  for 15 minutes.



Our top-notch stylists along with powerful algorithms will pick the perfect style to elevate your look. After the quiz and consultation call, you will receive an email with customized selections for you. Heart the one you love or make comments. Then, your box will be on the way!
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Wear for 2 weeks

Your clothes will arrive clean and ready to wear. Wear as many times as you like. No need to wash them.

Leave your feedback

Tell us your feedback so that your next box will suit you even better. Also, tell us your wishes for your next box – whether it is a date, meeting with your boss, a livestream webinar, tell us the details and we’ll send you the perfect outfits to help you achieve your goals.

Return or keep your items

Before the end of 2 weeks, simply return the dirty clothes in the pre-labeled return bag. Love it? Keep your favorites for up to 70% off the retail price. Then, your next box will be on the way!

Set Up The “Lazy Mode”

If you want our AI and stylists to pick the future boxes for you without asking your preference before sending each box, the“lazy-mode” feature is for you! Just let us know in your feedback.