Step out of the tech swag: 5 Workwear tips to step up your office look

So you want to elevate your office style but don’t know where to start? Don’t make the morning a dreadful experience by worrying about what to wear. Instead, look at choosing your outfit as an opportunity to show off your style. If you don’t know where to start, check out our list of great outfits you can wear to the office to make you really stand out.

Here are five outfit ideas for each day of the work week: 

Blazer Monday: How to Wear a Blazer with a Shirt

Start the week off with a bang! Try wearing a blazer over a graphic or printed shirt with jeans. This is the perfect combination of professional and casual. The blazer can be a traditional dark navy or black, but think about including a splash of color underneath. The combination of a blazer and knit shirt will be comfortable and you’ll still have the feeling of being cozy, but you’ll have a structured look. You can also opt for a lighter colored blazer, such as tan, to keep the look fresh and light. 

A male model wearing a blue blazer rented from Taelor smiles at his phone in a coffee shop

Shirt Tuesday: What to Wear With a Short Sleeved Button-up Shirt

Go with a print short-sleeve button down shirt and khakis. Layer the top with a jean jacket and your look is complete. Try including a print into the look that reflects your personality and style. This is the perfect way to make a statement and try something new. Going back to the office is a great way to experiment with new patterns and colors. Taelor is made for this type of experimentation because you don’t have to commit to buying any of the shirts that we send you and you can take time to decide what patterns and colors match your style. The best part is that when you are finished wearing the items, just send them back and we’ll take care of the cleaning. 

A male model wearing purple shirt and pants rented from Taelor sits on a fence

Color Wednesday: Best Colors to Wear With Chinos 

Wear a neutral top with colored chinos and a shacket (a cross between a shirt and jacket) over top. You can add a bit of color to your look to make it playful by choosing pants in a fun color. We recommend keeping the top a neutral color (white, grays or browns) so the outfit is not too overwhelming. A shacket is a perfect way to elevate your outwear because it is more professional than a sweatshirt but more casual than a blazer. You really can style it anyway you want and have a put-together look. Finally, you can even choose cropped chinos and finish the look by adding a pair of loafers without socks. 

A male model wearing salmon jacket and black pants rented from Taelor

Jeans Thursday: The Best Cuts in Jeans

Wear your company t-shirt with a nice pair of good fitting jeans. We recommend matching your tech swag to a print. If your company logo is blue wear a printed short sleeve button up shirt in a fun blue pattern to highlight your tech swag. When choosing a good fitting pair of jeans, your jeans shouldn’t be too tight or too baggy. Find jeans that fit in your waist, your hips, and in your thigh and calf area. The jeans should be tight enough that they won’t fall down, but  still comfortable enough for mobility. We recommend choosing a style that is more of a slim, straight fit instead of something skinny because not everyone can wear skinny jeans. A good pair of jeans will elevate any office look because you will not only be comfortable but it will compliment whatever is on top. 

A male model wearing patterned shirts and jeans rented from Taelor

Casual Friday: How to Wear Graphic Tees to Work (And Still Look Professional!)

Go a bit more casual on Friday with a graphic t-shirt and layer with a jean jacket with khaki shorts. Add white sneakers to make the outfit more cool and casual. You can still wear t-shirts, but it is all about the pieces you pair with the top and how you layer the clothing. All the recommendations are meant to make you feel powerful and confident. So if you feel best in a graphic t-shirt, then try elevating the look with other pieces of clothing. 

A male model wearing white t-shirt and salmon shorts rented from Taelor
We understand that finding an office look is hard, especially since most people have been working remotely for the last year. Taelor was designed to make the styling process fun and effortless. When your work day is over, just send your clothes back to us and we’ll take care of the cleaning. Sign up Taelor now!