Taelor’s Guide: Referral program - share with friends, earn $25 rewards

Our Referral Program is as easy as it gets. As a Taelor member, you have the opportunity to refer our menswear subscription service to your friends and loved ones using your unique referral code. Just log in to your account, find the referral page (https://taelor.style/pages/share) and create your personal referral code.

Your friend gets 25% off for their first month of a Taelor subscription. Regardless of which plan they choose, the savings are theirs to enjoy. Introducing Taelor’s subscription plan to your friends? Please check out the details on our membership page (https://taelor.style/pages/membership)

As the referrer, you'll receive a $25 purchase coupon. The coupon can be used to purchase any clothing items you desire from Taelor. Yes, that's right! You get to indulge in the latest menswear trends and essentials at an up to 70% off discounted price, adding on an extra $25 discount. 

For more detailed instructions on how to purchase items from Taelor, please refer to our comprehensive Taelor’s Guide: How To Purchase Items From Taelor

Start Sharing and Earning Today!

Now that you're familiar with Taelor's Referral Program, it's time to spread the word and earn rewards together. Share your unique referral code with your friends, family and anyone who appreciates great style and sustainability. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to share Taelor style and enjoy the perks. Interested in becoming a Taelor ambassador and making your menswear rental experience even more rewarding? Please contact us via SMS or Instagram, or via hi@taelor.style.Thank you for being a part of the Taelor family, and we can't wait to see your referral rewards in action!