Taelor’s Guide: When will my next shipment arrive?

Can’t wait to receive your next box from Taelor?

The estimated arrival time of your next shipment should be within 1~3 days based on your billing cycle or the time of your return.

The arrival time of your next shipment varies, depending on your subscription plan:

  • If you're on the 1 shipment/month plan, we will prepare and send you one shipment per billing cycle.
  • If you're on the 2 shipments/month plan, you can exchange for the second shipment after returning the first one within the monthly cycle. 

You have the flexibility to return your items at any time within the monthly cycle, but please note that you cannot receive the second shipment without returning the first one. Once you drop off your returns at any USPS location, you can expect your next shipment to arrive promptly.

Shipping time: Please anticipate a shipping timeline of 1-3 days for orders to arrive.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to dress you in style with every new shipment at your doorstep!