Taelor’s Guide: Updating my Address for the Next Shipment

Moving or changing your address? No problem! Follow the steps to update your address on your account page easily before you drop the return.

Log in your account page. Navigate to the menu on the left-hand side of the page.You will see ACCOUNT > MY ADDRESSES:

1. Add a New Address 

Click the "Add a New Address" button to fill in your information. Make sure to check the option "Set as Shipping Address" at the bottom. Then, click "Add a New Address" to save the change.

2. Already have a Backup Address 

Click “Edit” on the backup address if you wish to make it your primary shipping address. Check the option "Set as Shipping Address." Then, click “Edit an Address” button to save.

3. Directly Edit the Shipping Address

Alternatively, you can directly edit the existing shipping address on the left column.  

When to update? Before you drop off your return shipment

We recommend making any changes to your address before dropping off your return shipment at the Post Office. This way, we can ensure a smooth transition in sending your next shipment to the correct location.


Keeping your address information up-to-date helps avoid delays or delivery issues with your Taelor subscription. If you have any questions or need further assistance with updating your address, please reach out via hi@taelor.style.