Taelor- Every Man's New Way of Looking Great

Fashion Mannuscript October 2023

Anya Cheng and Phoebe Tan are the founders of TAELOR, menswear's latest online custom tailoring service. Not only is TAELOR providing personal stylization for menswear, but it is the fastest-growing fashion company contributing to the circular fashion industry.

Founded on the principles of no-waste, resale, streamlined technology and top-tier custom tailoring, TAELOR is the online service that the menswear category never knew it needed.

Check out our interview with the founders below.

Fashion Mannuscript October 2023

How did TAELOR start?

A: Phoebe and I are the founders of TAELOR which we started about two years ago. I have a background in technology which really helped get the ball rolling: my most recent job history was with Facebook, where I built their social e-commerce initiative worked for eBay's e-commerce teams in the Silicon Valley area. In addition to my work with TAELOR, I teach marketing at the Medill School of Journalism.

P: Before starting TAELOR, I was VP of procurement for a food company: Transitioning from food to fashion was a big transition for me, but I've always had a passion for both. I was able to optimize that passion when I met Anya in Chicago at school more than ten years ago. With all the experience I accumulated in the corporate world. I started our own venture at TAELOR.

What inspired the idea for TAELOR?

A: I was interested in starting something similar to other clothing service companies like Stitch Fix. Like TAELOR, Stich Fix has someone style you, but you have to buy from every single shipnsent. But as a user. I did not want to have to own so many clothes, because owning too many clothes causes waste. Much of your closet gets forgotten. Rent the Runway was an already-existing solution to this, but you must spend hours browsing through thousands of items. There was a moment I realized that most of those surveys were designed for people who care about fashion not people who just want to get ready for their day. We surveyed a lot of people who told us how much they hate clothes shopping and hate doing laundry. A lot of the people who immediately signed up for our service were men. since we take a lot of the hassle out of looking great. That's why we started TAELOR's menswear rental subseription.


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Fashion Mannuscript October 2023