Selected Homme Beige & White Vertical Stripe Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

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Pair this striped button-up from Selected Homme with your favorite khakis for a stylish, neutral look that's got great, smart-casual vibes. Want to add a little color to this combo? Toss on a burgundy pullover for a little more flair.

About Selected Homme:
Selected Homme is a Nordic brand that emphasizes authenticity and minimalism while incorporating leading fashion trends and quality craftsmanship. Their contemporary styles appeal to fashion-conscious individuals from all walks of life and feature an international edge. The brand is synonymous with good taste in modern menswear and provides a unique interpretation of the confident, individualistic contemporary man. Selected Homme's pieces are versatile and can be mixed and matched with existing wardrobe items to create a distinctive and exciting look. They prioritize attention to detail and high quality in every aspect of their designs.


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