A match made in heaven: Taelor joins hands with elite matchmaking firm Selective Search

Love is not blind.

We may wish otherwise. We like to think of ourselves as being such wonderful people that people are attracted to us despite whatever our physical shortcomings may be. We want to believe we are desirable for reasons that have nothing to do with how we look.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Love, as they say, is a battlefield. And our physical appearance is one of our more powerful weapons. That’s why here at Taelor we believe that dressing well helps ensure that you do well in all the areas of life that matter – particularly romance.

Our stylists work with each of our customers individually to ensure they look attractive and stylish. Taelor helps men feel confident about their looks – even in such high-pressure situations as a first date.

But here's’ the thing: Taelor can help you succeed in dating. But Taelor hasn’t been able to help you find that special someone. Until now. 

Taelor  x  Selective Search

Taelor has partnered with Selective Search , the nation’s leading elite matchmaking firm, to help our customers find the love of their life. Of the many matchmaking sites on the Web, we at Taelor chose Selective Search because we know it works.

Consider the story of Paul and Lisa, two people who found true love through Selective Search.

“A lot of people go on these dating sites because they just want to go on dates. They're not serious about a relationship,” Lisa says. “If you're really serious about a relationship, something like Selective Search is definitely the way to go because they're looking to help you find the love of your life.”

For more about Lisa and Paul, watch the video below:

Selective Search is where executive search meets personal matchmaking. Recognized in The New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, and Wall Street Journal, Selective Search provides high-end matchmaking services to accomplished, commitment-minded individuals.

Taelor members will now have access to professional matchmaking through Selective Search, with an expansive network of high-quality, accomplished individuals. All Selective Search memberships are customized based upon client preferences and relationship goals and are priced accordingly. As a Selective Search partner, Taelor members will receive exclusive access to the following premium membership benefits at no additional cost:

  • One month of hold time to pause membership for any reason

  • One 30-minute coaching session with a Senior Matchmaker

  • Professional photography session spearheaded by a Selective Search Photo Development Specialist

Selective Search shares our mission to help individuals be the best version of themselves. Selective Search also shares our desire to help men optimize their time and get results.

By using a luxury matchmaking service, you can spend your time falling in love, not searching for it.

If you’re ready to take a proactive approach to your love life, contact Selective Search for a consultation and your added perks. Alternatively, join the complimentary Selective Search Candidate pool for a chance to match with your perfect one.