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The 10 Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men

Get streetwear, watches, and even sustainable fashion shipped to you on a recurring basis


The best clothing subscription boxes for men can build guys' wardrobes — and confidence — without having to sift through racks and racks at a store. Whether given as a gift or picked out for one's self, these subscriptions offer the chance to explore men's fashion through a variety of shirts, pants, blazers, T-shirts, shoes, and accessories of all stripes. With regular deliveries and curated selections, men can enjoy trying new styles and figuring out what works best for them.

There are boxes to cover every style and niche imaginable, but the cream of the crop are the subscriptions that provide great value, high-quality pieces, and a level of flexibility and creativity to explore a guy's unique sense of style.

Best for Rentals: Taelor

Taelor is a streamlined clothing rental service, offering straightforward rentals along with a rent-to-buy option from top men's clothing brands. Each month, you'll receive up to two boxes of clothing items, each with five items in it. You can keep the items as long as you want before returning them, or purchase some or all of the items and keep them permanently.

Taelor uses a combination of AI-powered tools, customer feedback, and stylist knowledge to recommend pieces to customers. It does come with some limitations, especially if you don't share enough feedback to help Taelor accurately read your tastes. Additionally, the sizes offered are slightly more limited than some other subscriptions, with most pieces only offered up to XXL.

Base Price: $79 per month | Items Per Box: 5 | Free Shipping: Yes


What to Know About Men's Clothing Subscription Services

Choosing a clothing subscription service is like choosing any other clothing — highly personal. In general, it's important to balance out several different factors and decide which aspects are the most important to you.


One of the first factors you'll encounter is the cost of a box. Consider how much you're truly willing to spend, as well as what the typical cost of purchasing the same items elsewhere might be. Additionally, some subscriptions also include discounts for outside purchases from the brand; keep that in mind when considering budget too.

Renting or Buying

How much room do you have in your space to add new pieces to your wardrobe? Some subscriptions feature a rental model, while others only allow you to purchase outright. Others offer a rent-to-buy option for pieces you want to keep. Choose a subscription model that works with your space constraints and storage preferences.

Level of Control

Some clothing subscriptions allow for a high level of subscriber input — or even allow subscribers to handpick their items — and others just curate picks using an algorithm based on your stated preferences. Consider whether you want to take the time to personally choose items, or save time and take the risk of stylists and/or algorithms choosing for you.

Types of Pieces

What pieces are you looking for in your wardrobe? Different boxes may focus more on different items, whether that's basics, everyday and athletic wear, business attire, or accessories. For example, do you need men's dress shoes? Most subscription services have "sample" or past boxes available to view online so that you can get a feel for what they tend to feature. There are a few subscriptions that offer head-to-toe styling (tops, bottoms, accessories), but they will often come at a higher price point.

Schedule and Flexibility

Consider how often you truly need or want new clothing items, and look for a subscription service that offers a schedule to suit your preferences. The majority of subscription boxes function, by default, on a monthly delivery model, but that's not true for all of them or all of the time. There are services that offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, and even custom delivery frequencies, so make sure to check the website for more information.

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