My Subscription Addiction| The 10 Best Clothing Rental Subscriptions in 2024 – Readers’ Choice Awards

My Subscription Addiction | Feb 5, 2024

Clothing rental subscriptions allow you to explore new styles easily and save money compared to shopping in stores. Rather than own items that you won’t actually wear, clothing rental services provide an eco-friendly way to enhance your personal style, and you’ll always get like-new clothes at a great price since subscription companies handle all the dry cleaning. Clothing rental services are revolutionizing fashion, and we’ve listed some of the best options currently available. If you're looking to keep a fresh wardrobe on a budget, these clothes rental subscriptions can help you get started.

Every year, we ask our readers to share their top recommended subscriptions of all types. Then we ask our experts to share what they know about each subscription to make it easy for you to know which subscription is right for you. Below, you’ll find our insights for shopping clothing rental services and see our readers’ top choices for this subscription box category.

The 10 Best Clothing Rental Subscription Boxes

Read on for our reader’s recommendations for the best clothing rental subscription boxes currently available. If we missed anything, drop us a comment. If you’ve tried one of these clothing rental services, be sure to leave a quick review (even if you had a poor experience — your review can help other readers avoid subscription remorse).

Taelor- The best sustainability subscription for men who want to look good without buying clothes.

About the Subscription:

This clothing rental service offers up to 10 pieces of high-quality men's clothing items per month (2 subscription boxes per month, 5 pieces per box) from 300+ brands. It’s like “Rent The Runway for Men” or “Nuuly for Men”.

Taelor is a personal styling service — they’ll collect your sizing and style information from your style quiz or one-on-one consultation calls, then you can provide feedback to the curated collection from 200 brands, picked by your stylist. From there, you can wear up to 8 department-store quality clothes for weeks per month without buying them.

As with traditional personal styling services, this box is a great way to try out new trends or brands. However, unlike traditional clothing rental services, you can wear what you get and decide whether it’s right for you — for weeks. Other personal styling services expect pieces to be tried on and sent back, not worn out and about.

If you find something you really like, you can keep it at a steep discount.

Who's This Box For?

This is a box perfect for men who need a little help deciphering their style. We like the range of comfortable to crisp and classy separates we’ve seen from Taelor. It’s a great hybrid model that combines the surprise of a subscription box with the convenience of clothing rental services. It’s also a great way to reduce clutter.

Taelor only carries sizes S through XL but plans to open to other sizes later this year.


  • They expect you to love your pieces, wearing them countless times for weeks
  • Rotating wardrobe without having to decide what to buy or having clutter at home
  • No more shopping or laundry
  • Support sustainability with circular fashion
  • Buy with a steep discount


  • Renting clothes may not be for people who just love to own something

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