Taelor's Guide: Unlocking Taelor's Curated Collections and Start Your Style Journey

Taelor is not only a rental company – we're your personal style partners. Our customers rave about our top feature: the personalized styling service. Style is a journey, not just an outfit. That's why we've developed a rich collection tailored to each individual's taste and life's key moments. Here's a glimpse into the unique collections we've curated just for you:


  1. Your Curated Collection: Tailored to Your Taste

When you first sign up, we create an initial curated collection of outfits, accessible on your account page. We highly recommend 'hearting' items that catch your eye in this collection before your first shipment. This ensures your first rental aligns with your style, making that first parcel at your doorstep a delightful experience.

Taelor styling service 

  1. Featured Collections: Embracing Style Diversity for Every Occasion

We believe that style should adapt to your ever-changing needs and desires. That's why we've created an array of collections that cater to various styles and occasions. Whether you lean towards minimalism, classic elegance, urban streetwear, or preppy chic, we have something for every aesthetic. Perfect for occasions ranging from daily romantic date nights and business meetings to once-in-a-life-time on-stage performance, our collections ensure you're not just dressed, but dressed to impress, comfortably and stylishly. Stay ahead of trends and seasonal styles by keeping an eye on our latest collections. Follow our socials, subscribe to our newsletter, and keep visiting our site for the freshest fashion updates.

  1. The Brand Collection: Your Gateway to Exclusive Fashion Labels

If brand-centric browsing is your style, Taelor's got you covered with over 350 top-quality brands. Dive into our specially brand collections that showcase much-loved brands, exclusive international labels, and a spotlight on sustainable and premium offerings. Our brand portfolio is ever-expanding, bringing you the latest in fashion. Discover new brands and their unique stories on Our Brand Page. These brand-focused collections offer an enriching experience, allowing you to delve into distinctive styles and find new favorites, all while enjoying the versatility and ease of our rental service.

brands at Taelor

The collections we've highlighted are just the beginning of the Taelor experience. As you embark on your rental journey with us, remember that your personal stylist is always on hand. They're here to provide any suggestions on outfits that align with your schedule and your activities, as well as what to wear to match with your existing wardrobe, and even your partner's style. Our stylists are committed to ensuring every piece you wear reflects your personal traits and make you look best every day. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions about fashion or living your best life. Taelor is more than a clothing rental service – we're your partners in style and life.  If you have any questions, please reach out via SMS or hi@taelor.style.