What to wear on your vacation: Vacation styles picked just for you by Taelor stylist

What should I wear on summer vacation? Whether you are going to a tropical beach or staying home for a staycation, it is always important to make sure your outfit meets the moment as well as fits into your  personal style. We sat down with Taelor’s stylist who has years’ of experience as a personal stylist and a fashion designer, to go over some tips to help you elevate your vacation wear and make you look picture perfect. 

Incorporate New Prints

Going on vacation is the perfect time to play around with fun and colorful prints. Pair a printed, colorful button-up short-sleeve shirt with khakis or a pair of chinos to complete the outfit and make you look put together. If you're not comfortable with loud and colorful prints, find a print in the colors you do feel good in that matches your personal preference. Adding a print is a good way to take a small step out of your everyday wardrobe and try something new. You can add white sneakers for a casual look or sandals if you are relaxing in the sun. A male model wearing printed shirt and jeans sitting on a chair

How do I look good when traveling? Try Out a Monochromatic Look to Impress for Vacation Photos 

Another way to up your style game is to play with different shades of the same color. Monochromatic dressing always looks good for photos and going out and will make you look put together when you capture all those great vacation moments. This approach to choosing items for an outfit makes it less stressful, too. You do not have to think about what goes well together, but you can assume that if it fits in the same color family then it's a match. For example, if you are new to this, try pairing navy pants with a lighter or brighter blue shirt. 

A male model wearing grey blazer, dark grey pants and white sneakers on a rooftop
Our Go-To Outfits that Scream Vacation Vibes 

Some go-to vacation looks Alena recommends include: 

  • Wearing shorts with a short sleeve henley shirt, will add a bit of polish to a basic outfit duo. 
  • Wear a short sleeve chambray top with a l bottom, like cream-colored shorts. This color combo is classic, but always feels fresh.
Men wear a short sleeve chambray top with a light colored shorts.

When should you start packing clothes for a vacation? To try out more variety in your vacation looks without committing to buying clothes, you can rent your clothes instead of buying them.

Next time you go on vacation, consider renting your clothes from Taelor to get more options for what to wear. By renting clothes instead of buying them, you don't need to spend a fortune. Moreover, returning from a trip usually entails the hassle of laundry; but with Taelor, you can just send back your items by dropping your worn clothes in the provided prepaid envelope at the hotel's front desk, conserving luggage space and eliminating the burden of cleaning. Make traveling a breeze, and start your subscription with Taelor today! 

A male model opens a box from Taelor with different shirts in it

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