Clothing Rental Business is Emerging, Will Men’s Rental Market Expand?

Nikkei Business Publications | May 18, 2021

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In February 2021, Taelor, a San Francisco men’s fashion startup, launched a shirt-based clothing rental subscription service. By focusing on rentals for men and being environmentally friendly, we will capture a segment different from Stitch Fix, which is currently the leading fashion subscription service in the U.S.

Taelor is a service that is a perfect solution for busy individuals who don’t want to spend time shopping or picking out their clothes. “I want to look good, but I don't really want to spend time shopping,” says Danny Ma, one of Taelor’s first customers.

Cheng — who has previously led digital innovation teams at Facebook, eBay, Target, McDonald’s and Sears — said she originally got the idea to start a clothing rental subscription service for men after becoming a huge fan of other clothing rental subscription services herself.

For a flat, monthly fee of $59.99 per month, customers get two boxes per month, which include four shirts per box, which includes complimentary personalized styling, dry cleaning, and shipping both ways — making the process of renting and returning clothing easy and effortless.

The monthly subscription costs $59.99. Converted to Japanese yen, it's about 6500 yen, which is like buying two shirts at UNIQLO. It costs less than 80,000 yen a year, and there is no need for cleaning costs. Currently, it is in the pre-stage of full-scale service, and since April 2021, it has been providing services to customers in the United States by narrowing down the size to "M."