Perk Light Khaki Slim Fit Chinos

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Everything you want in active pants, from stretch to amazing comfort, with the look of the classic trouser you know and love. Designed to be the foundation of the 7-day uniform for active guys. It's engineered to stay soft and fit perfectly, so unlike your typical pair of pants, you'll be wearing these all day. Once you've got one in rotation, you'll want to try more.

Product Details:

  • 97% Cotton Twill with 3% Spandex
  • Slim tapered legs that are trim but not tight
  • Curved waist for a comfortable mid-section
  • Breathable fabric made for all-day wear
  • Added stretch that keeps you flexible
  • Ultra-smooth and light-weight feel

About Perk Clothing:
Perk is an elevated basics brand for busy men that need reliable, all day comfort and don’t believe in distractions. They prioritize creating form-flattering clothing that real men want to wear and feel comfortable in. They continuously update our designs based on customer feedback and have gone through 16 iterations so far. Their goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable by enhancing your assets and masking your insecurities. Their chinos give room to move and can even make a flat butt look more attractive. Their clothing is suitable for men of all ages, and wearing Perk will make you feel like the best-dressed person in the room.

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Taelor is a minority-owned Silicon Valley-based men's clothing subscription service for rented clothes - think Rent the Runway for men. Our mission is to help people feel confident so that they can achieve their life and career goals while helping save the environment. Our top-notch personal stylists, along with powerful algorithms, pick out the perfect clothes for you to make you stand out. When you're ready to swap, just return the dirty clothes and get new ones.

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