W.R.K Blue & Burgundy Floral Print 4-Way Stretch Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt

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Merging form with function, W.R.K introduces its 4-way, performance shirt for any, every and all-day use. Featuring Moisture-Wicking to eliminate sweat, Anti-Microbial finishes to maintain freshness and Wrinkle-Free qualities to remove the hassle. Meet your new favorite travel companion.

About the brand W.R.K:
Based in New York City, W.R.K designs contemporary workwear for the modern man. Function and mobility are at the core of this brand and their pieces are perfect for the city dweller. They design clothing that is multi-purpose, comfortable, and compatible for men to thrive in work and life, and they are best known for their performance dress shirts. Their design philosophy is bridging functionality with aesthetics.


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