Size Medium Pilot


15-day FREE trial
⦁ Menswear Size M exclusive*
⦁ 4 shirts. Rent, wear, return
⦁ Member exclusive discount to purchase
⦁ Cancel risk-free anytime

After free trial:
⦁ 8 shirts per month — 4 every 15 days
⦁ $99.90 + tax per month
50% off first 2 months ($49.95) with Coupon Code: mystyle

* Not Size Medium? Join waitlist to get 4 free shirts rental when we launch our next pilot!


Size Medium special

Give a Gift of Fashion

Help your loved ones look good by gifting personalized rental subscriptions. The best part is that you don’t need to pick the clothes for them - AI and stylists will!

⦁ Menswear Size M
⦁ 20 shirts, 4 shirts every 15 days
⦁ 15 mins style consultation call + ongoing outfit selection
⦁ $99.90 + tax ($250 value)

How to redeem?
⦁ A gift code will be sent to gift-recipients for them to sign up
⦁ After gifting period, they can continue the service or cancel any time

NOTE: $1 will still be charged upon gift code redemption each month.

Just wear, return, repeat

how it works

Tell us your style

Take a short quiz, meet your personal stylist, then review recommendations from AI and your stylist.


Your items will arrive clean and ready to wear. Enjoy them for 15 days.

Swap or buy

Return dirty clothes using the pre-paid bag. Or keep it - you get up to 70% off! Then, enjoy your next box.


membership perks

Great Value
Monthly clothing items worth up to $1,200+. Change styles bi-weekly.
Try Before You Buy
Wear for 15 days and get new ones. Or, if you love it, you keep it — Just like try weeks before you buy.
Exclusive Discount
As a member, you can buy what you wore for up to 70% off the retail price.
Stylist & AI Curated Picks
Your personal stylist plus artificial intelligence help you to be the best version of yourself.
Save Time & Money
No need to do laundry! Cleaning and shipping are included.
Support Sustainability
Be a part of the sharing economy movement and help save the environment.



How often can I exchange the clothes?

Every 15 days. If you want to purchase any items, simply keep them. We will consider them purchased and you get the items with a member-only up-to-70% discounted price.

When will you ship my clothes?

After we get your preferences based on the stylist's recommendations, we will immediately work on your shipment and ship your box out within 1-2 days. If we don’t get your feedback in 2 days, we will pick what we think work best for you.

Do I need to wash the clothes?

No, no more shopping nor laundry! You don’t need to wash the clothes. Items arrive ready to wear. After you wear them, just send the dirty clothes back. The dry cleaning is on us!

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